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Online Safety – Online Exploitation Grooming to Bullying to Selfies to Online Reputation Damage

Children and young adults are over-sharing daily through direct messaging, picture messaging, social media, gaming and technology. Children and Young adults can become intentional victims of exploitation by behaving illegally or inappropriately, however with the evolutional of technology and connectivity they can become unintentional victims through lack of awareness and education. What child and young adults don’t understand is that people besides their friends (i.e. Colleges, law enforcement, principals, parents, and potential employers) are looking in on these behaviours constantly. Safeguarding professionals and parents/carers also need to be aware of the possible consequences, and case examples are used to drive these points home. If children and young adults are old enough to be given or use an internet enable devices for social media or gaming, then they are old to be taught ‘Making the Right Choice’ can be crucial.
This presentation features an Interactive program that invites delegates to share their personal experiences and their understanding of the online life and involvement of children & young adults. Delegates learn to understand the issue of Risk – Danger – Harm, and how recognising and controlling Risk can prevent escalation towards Danger and any subsequent Harm – with Harm being defined as Sexual, Physical, Emotional Exploitation or Online Reputation Damage- plus:

• How your social media profiles and usage can affect their child
• Online Exploitation – Physical / Sexual / Emotional / Radical / Reputational
• Sexting (Sexy Selfies): What is it, who does it affect? Legal ramifications and other implications
• The law and you: Real cases demonstrate how you can get into trouble for your online/mobile behaviour
• Online Bullying: Real life implications and current case examples
• Social networking and your rights: Who has a right to the information you share online? What happens
to the information you post?
• Your life captured…via mobile phone, then shared on Social Media ‘Life in Likes’     • Parties, mobile phones, and Social Media and how the three don’t mix
• Text & Direct Messaging: Rules and regulations, and how your deleted messages can get you in trouble
• Facebook facts: Facebook as a company may not be as safe as you think, how to protect yourselves from unwanted Friends. Google Data Retention – GMail- GPS & Location Settings
• Explaining the blackmailing by ‘gifting’, grooming by peers and being nudged into gangs & criminal behaviour via electronic communication.


Specific Areas covered in talk:

Online Safeguarding Options for Society
Parents / Carers
Industry & Organisations
Children / Young Adults / Users
1.   The Power of Image
Online Safety Survey (17,000 Children 9 – 17)
2.   Digital Native v Digital Immigrant
3.   Personal Information & Digital Usage & Knowledge
4.   Age Restrictions & Guidelines
Risks in Everything Online – Dangerous through 3 C’s
5.   Do Apps make your lives better ?
6.   Data Security & Risks Through Technology
7.   The Future & GPS & Privacy Settings – Snap Maps
8.   What Adults May be worried about
You Tubers – Magnetism – Addiction – Bingeing
9.   Apple – Facebook – Google
10. Gaming – Grooming – Strangers – Breck Bednar & Kayleigh Haywood
13. Webcam Compromise
14. The Power of Image & Sexy Selfies & Legislation ‘The Real Danger’
15. Online Bullying & ’13 Reasons Why’ & ‘Blue Whale Challenge’
16. Online Reputation & Digital Tattoo Project & Case Studies
17. Building a Positive Online Presence
18. Online Rules & Guidelines & Making the Right Choice