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Besafe Online UK – You Tube Channel  


New Online Safety Resources for School 2020

Online Safety Tips for Parents & Carers Parent Carer Top Ten Tips

   Sexting – Sexting – Why and What are the Outcomes

Sexting : Defined Explained Outcomes  Sexting Content + TV Story Line 

Current Popular Apps Used by Young Users: Current 2020 (23) Popular Apps

Online Safety Mantra – Online Safety Mantra  +   Online Mantra Explained

Online Safety Tips for Young Uses – Ten Top Tips for Young Users

Online Safety Webinar for Parents (Details) – Online Webinar for Parents PDF

Online Safety Webinar for Staff (Details – Online Webinar for Staff PDF

Online Safety Workshops Years 1-13 Staff & Parents (Full Details) Online Safety All School Workshops 2020


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Workshop Details Teachers   Workshop Details Parents

Summary Online Safety within Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018

Social Media for Educators What Besafe Online Offers

Sexting , Sexy Selfies – Criminalisation  Online Safety Apps & Challenges Questions



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Break the Habit

Digital Natives  CBBC
 What is Empathy
 Cher Loyd 
Child E Safety Focus Do Your Parents Know Addiction Sweetheart Private is Your Information Would You Respond Application & Sue Love Story & Kim
Life in Likes MovieStar Games – Breck Bednar
Password Security
Red & Murphy Compromise
Weekend Job