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Jonathan worked as a Covert Internet Investigator, within the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command 10 years. This involved the creation of online profiles of children within Social Media to locate and interact with online Predatory Paedophiles. Jonathans practical & academic research allowed him to become an expert in the field of online paedophile activity, and as such now lectures, presents and advises to law enforcement, academics and parents on the dangers of online sexual grooming. Having graduated in 2009 with an MSc in Criminology / Criminal Psychology Jonathan lectures to professionals on how Social Media and Gaming are specifically used by Online Child Sexual Predators. Jonathan continues to research and study online dangers to children whilst using the Internet and Apps on devices from the Mobile Phone to the Tablet, to the IPad. Jonathan works as an Independent Online Safety & Social Media (Gaming) Consultant and offers bespoke Online Safety Training to UK & International Independent & State Schools to pupils (years 1-13), Governors, SMT, Teachers and parents / carers on Child Exploitation (Grooming to Bullying to Inappropriate Selfies to Online Reputation) & is qualified to offer guidance on the creation of robust online safety policies to protect schools, educators, parents and pupils. 

Having worked extensively in UK Schools, International Schools in Europe, Middle East and Far East Asia and I have a deep knowledge of the technological context in which international schools work and therefore have a unique insight into international schools specific context and always tailor my approach accordingly (no other Online safety supplier provides such expertise in this bespoke setting). Being a qualified and experienced trainer, I always focus on the practical application of Online safety & Social Media Training that is up to date, current, relevant and specific. This allows for the exploration of the wide range of Online Behaviour and gives delegates the most current ‘Online Safety message’, not simply standard, ad-hoc ‘E-Safety’ Advise
Whilst I spend my time speaking to students, parents, teachers and child safeguarding professionals on Online Safety, specifically highlighting how children and young adults behave online, and how this can result in online exploitation, online Challenges and online validation is also an area to be aware of. Online validation invariably involves online broadcasting using social media eg You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and Badoo (there are others). Therefore parents, carers, professionals and students should be informed in advance about the purpose and audience of any broadcast. 

Furthermore Jonathan continues to with the following organisations;

Educare Learning Ltd (Distance Learning for Safeguarding Children).

In June 2014 Jonathan became the Online Safety Consultant for Educare and the wrote the Child Expliotation & Online Safety Course for Educators and Child Safeguarding Professionals. This current, accurate & vital course introduces and higlights all the risks, dangers and harm that pupils, students and teachers need to be aware of.

COBIS (Council for Overseas British International Schools). London UK. June 2013, Jonathan became an Online Safety Consultant for COBIS(Council for Overseas British Independent Schools), advising Schools on the dangers of the internet from cyberbullying to Online reputation. Jonathan also speaks to parents on how to recognise and understand the dangers and what tools are available to help keep their children safe.  Jonathan also designssafety polices and AUPS for school in line with the new Ofsted / ISI guidelines.

Sanctuary Training (Social Work Specialists). Suffolk UK. July 2013, Jonathan became an Online Safety Consultant Trainer for Sanctuary Training ( ) supplying training in Online Safety ‘Online Child Exploitation to Cyberbullying to Online Reputation’. This bespoke training is offered to all Child Safeguarding professionals & carers to enable them to recognise online usage by young users and understand the risks, harm and dangers that they may face.

ERA (European Research Academy of Law); Trier, Germany.  Training European Law Enforcement Officers & Judiciary in Methodology & Typology of the Online Child Sex Offender. He highlights current policing practices, and how these can be improved by understanding offender behaviour, methodology and software available.

TAIEX  (TAIEX is the Euorpean Commission Technical Assistance and Information Exchange). Brussels. In 2013 Jonathan joined the Expert Database for TAIEX & has trained Judges Prosecutors and Police in Turkey, Bosnia, Belarus in Methodology & Typology of the Online Child Sex Offender. He highlights current policing practices, and how these can be improved by understanding offender behaviour, methodology and software available.

CAN Training: Crewe UK (   Jonathan is an Associate Trainer with CAN Training where he offers bespoke Online Safety Training Courses, development and consultancy services to anyone or any organisation  that works with children and young adults.

England Netball / England Badminton ; UK    Jonathan has worked these two Sporting Organisations offering advice on all Child Safeguarding matters and Lectures on Online Safety Guidance to coaches, managers and athletes on retaining a Positive Digital Footprint.

Jonathan continues to appear on Sky News, ITVs Daybreak & This Morning,  BBC Breakfast TV, BBC 24, LBC and The One Show as an Internet Safety Expert, and took part in a 12 hr Live Radio show for Internet Safety Day. Jonathan contributed to the book ‘Internet Child Abuse’, where Jonathan discussed the ‘Triangle of Offending’, and ‘The Virtual Offender’, linking the offline world with the online world establishing the connection between non-contact and contact offending.