Online Safety Tips for Parents / Carers

Online Safety Best Practice for Parents

‘Wherever you child goes online so should you……….’

These guidelines can be used by parents wanting to protect their child from the many online dangers that can exist. Children vary from being the most vulnerable child to the most resilient. Understanding where your child sits on the Spectrum of Vulnerability is the first step to knowing the level of protection required.

These are guidelines and designed for parents to use when required.

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Online Safety is Predominantly about Behaving Appropriately

But Technology can Assist
1.  Get Involved – Use same Apps / Social Media / Games – Talk        Personal
2.  Adhere to Age Restrictions ……if & where possible……                  Personal
3.  Check Contacts & Friends & Opponents                                           Personal
4.  Be part of Closed Groups (Clash Royale / WhatsApp / Fortnite       Personal
5.  Cover Up Webcam when not Using                                                  Personal
6.  Don’t use File Sharing Streaming of Videos (eg Putlocker)              Personal
7.  Use Social Media Positively – Twitter / LinkedIn / Blogging             Personal
8.  Speak to Schools about Policies & Awareness                                Personal
9.  Use Family Sharing (IoS) Family Link (Android) (Settings)              Practical
10. Switch off Sync on Android Phones / Tablets (Settings)                 Practical
11. All – Use Location Settings when required                                     Practical
12. Switch Off GPS on Childs / Young Adults Phones (Settings)         Practical
13. Test App games by switching off WiFi & Mobile Data (Settings)    Practical
14. Restrict Device WiFi Access via Modem                                        Practical
15. Use filters to restrict access (Parental Controls & Software)          Practical                                            16. Azoomee- Children can learn about Online Games & Chatting with friends & Family within controlled Groups – great for Schools Class groups 

Parents to Children;
Don’t Share Personal Information – ‘Keep Your Secrets – SECRET’
Be Kind Online – ‘As you would be in school’
Selfies/Pictures – The Impact – ‘Ask Permission’
Don’t Ignore Age Restrictions (Games Apps Social Media)

Remember Understand the Risks, to Restrict Escalation to Online Danger

by Preventing Deliberate or Accidental Inappropriate Behaviour

Jonathan Taylor MSc

Parental Controls (courtesy of Internet Matters) 

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