Online Safety – Social Media & Gaming Best Practice for Parents

Online Safety is Predominantly about Behaving Appropriately
But Technology can Assist

1. Get Involved – Use same Apps / Social Media / Games -Talk   
2. Adhere to Age Restrictions ……if & where possible……  
3. Check Contacts & Friends & Opponents
4. Be part of Closed Groups (Clash Royale / WhatsApp / Fifa19 / Discord
5. Cover Up Webcam when not Using
6. Don’t use File Sharing Streaming of Videos (eg Putlocker)
7. Use Social Media Positively – Twitter / LinkedIn / Blogging + WebSites
8. Speak to Schools about Policies & Awareness THIS IS TEAMWORK
9. Use Family Sharing (Ipads / Iphone) Family Link (Android) (Settings)
10. Switch off Sync on Android Phones / Tablets (Settings)
11. Use Location Settings (GPS) only when required
12. Switch Off Location Settings on Childs/Young Adults Phones (Settings)
13. Test App games by switching off WiFi & Mobile Data (Settings)
14. Restrict Device WiFi Access via Modem
15. Use filters to restrict access (Parental Controls & Software)

Azoomee Software – Allows Parents to Teach & Monitor Chat 

Parents to Children;

Don’t Share Personal Information – ‘Keep Your Secrets – SECRET’

  Be Kind Online – ‘As you would be in school’

   Selfies/Pictures – The Impact – ‘Ask Permission’

      Don’t Ignore Age Restrictions (Games Apps Social Media)

Remember Understand the Risks, to Restrict Escalation to Online Danger by Preventing Deliberate or Accidental Inappropriate Behaviour

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