Online Safety for Schools & Colleges 2020 – 2021 ‘A Schools Responsibility – Whole School Approach’

Online Safety for Schools – Colleges

‘A Schools Responsibility – A Whole School Approach’

Online Safety is about Behaviour, it is The Informed Use of Devices, Sites, Apps & Gaming  & Online Behaviour that makes for a Safe  Online Environment.

Teaching Online Safety in Schools 2020- 2021

Online Safety within Safeguarding is now certainly very much ‘stand-alone’ and requires specific training / workshops for the Whole School, staff, pupils & parents, supplied by qualified, experienced and competent experts who continue to research the area of Online Safety and Online behaviour.

Online Safety is also of paramount importance, irrespective of country, as all children, teenagers and young adults use devices, social media / apps / gaming, which can have a massive impact on their future goals and targets (ie CyberVetting for Employment & Universities).  

Online Safety is about behaviour and understanding the difference between appropriate and inappropriate online behaviour, to avoid becoming an intended or unintended victim of online exploitation (Bullying / Grooming / Radicalisation / Reputational Damage / Hacking / Data Abuse / Webcam Compromise / Cyber Vetting Issues). Without a doubt, many of your students have social media / gaming accounts and now enjoy many hours of screen time, however not all screen time will be an issue and possibly be unsafe – it is all about behaviour and what is Appropriate as opposed to Inappropriate / Unacceptable / Illegal behaviour .

Many teachers also use social media both for personal and professional use, and for the most part, that is completely safe. From a professional standpoint it can enhance your network of contacts, engage you in important discussions, extend your own learning and even provide a platform for class projects. As for personal use, well, teachers have lives, families, friends, and interests just like everyone else, so naturally, many are drawn to social media to connect to and interact with the people they care about.

COVID-19 has meant that virtual learning and working from home has become the ‘norm’, the reliance on the internet has never been greater. This also means that for the first-time students are encouraged to use their devices far more, which for many will mean a rise in Social Media usage, Gaming usage and a substantial increase in screen time. This increased usage will mean far more cases of Online Bullying, Stranger interaction and the possibility of Grooming, therefore Online Safety advice has never been more vital and important.

Besafe Online UK  Having worked extensively in International Schools in Europe, Middle East and Far East Asia and I have a deep knowledge of the technological context in which international schools work and therefore have a unique insight into international schools specific context and always tailor my approach accordingly (no other Online safety supplier provides such expertise in this bespoke setting). I always focus on the practical application of Online safety & Social Media Training that is up to date, current & relevant; and explore the wide range of Online Behaviour and most current ‘Online Safety message’, not simply standard, ad-hoc ‘Online Safety’ Advise – ‘Explaining Why Online Exploitation can occur is As Important as How’

Besafe Online ( ) Jonathan Taylor MSc (Criminal Psychology)

 JONATHAN TAYLOR worked within Law Enforcement 30 years, for 10 years Jonathan specialized in covert online internet investigations gaining a wealth of knowledge in online offender behaviour. Graduating with an MSc in Criminology / Criminal Psychology, Jonathan now specialises in Online Sex Offender Behaviour and he continues to research into how Social Media is used by children, young adults and online sex offenders.

Jonathan frequently appears on Sky News, The One Show, BBC Breakfast TV, LBC, and Radio 5 Live as an Online Safety & Social Media Consultant and has recently filmed Documentaries for Channel 4 & CBS on the dangers of Online Paedophiles.

He currently works as an Independent Online Safety & Social Media Consultant, specialising in Online Safety, Social Media Awareness, and offender online methodology. Jonathan is a renowned Online Safety & Social media Awareness Trainer for all Schools, nationally and internationally, and continues to work as Online Safety and Social Media Consultant for the following organisations.

NORD ANGLIA EDUCATION (International Schools)                                                                            EDUCARE (Creator of Online Child Safeguarding Online Safety Course 2014-2018)                              ERA (Academy of Enropean Law) Trier Germany                                                                                BSME (British Schools in Middle East)                                                                                                     SANTUARY (Training for Foster Carers & Social Worksers)                                                          WT-ASSOCIATES (Child Safeguarding Consultancy)                                                                   FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia)                                                 CHRYSALIS FOSTER CARE (Training for Foster Carers & Social Services)                        CAN Training (Training for Foster Carers & Social Services)                                              HEATHFARM FOSTERING (Training for Foster Carers & Social Services)

Contact Details; Jonathan Taylor MSc


 +44 (0)7877 943082  

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