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 Wellbeing in the Digital World, for Schools

Why You, Why Now, Why Me.

Pupils – Staff – Parents

Schools have gradually been brought into the Online Digital world of Social Media & Gaming, whilst our wonderful Digital Resident students have been interacting and messaging this way, on their devices since first getting them. Whilst we Digital Visitors use the Internet possibly as much as our children
we do not use Internet Access the same way.
With all the Online and Device Risks that can lead to Danger and subsequent Harm, and schools becoming more digitally aware, certain legal requirements have been put in place to ensure schools are
Keeping Children Safe in the Digital World.
So Why You, well since 2012 these legal requirements have become ‘demands’ and there is an expectation that schools will educate, inform and make children
aware of the possible dangers.
So Why Now, as more children are using Devices, Social Media and Gaming at younger and younger ages, some with now boundaries set at all, many children are ignoring (or don’t know) the risks, endangering themselves and resulting in possible
Online Exploitation.
So Why Me, having worked extensively in UK Schools, International Schools in Europe, Middle East and Far East Asia, I have a deep knowledge of the technological context in which international schools work and therefore have a unique insight into international schools specific context and always tailor my approach accordingly. I always focus on the practical application of Online safety & Social Media Training that is up to date, current, relevant and specific. This allows for the exploration of the wide range of Online Behaviour and gives delegates the most current ‘Online Safety message’, not simply standard, ad-hoc ‘E-Safety’ Advise 
Get the Most Accurate Update Online Safety Training for your School


Bespoke Online Safety Training For Schools

                   (Years 1 – 13 Staff & Parents)





















Online Safety Workshops for Professional & Educational Groups including:

  • Teachers as part of their Online Safety training programme
  • Running bespoke workshops for Pupils Years 1 – 13
  • Running whole school workforces inset days including Governors / Trustees
  • Running sessions for Parents both in school settings and within the community
  • Foster Parents/Carers groups
  • Social Workers / Child Safeguarding Professionals
  • Sporting Organisations
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