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I recently had the pleasure of speaking and meeting with Douglas Lloyd the CEO of Azoomee and Tom Naylor the Marketing Manager of Azoomee.

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Now, it is not often that I put my name to or endorse online safety products, but certainly I am always being asked by many parents what ‘software’ would I recommend. Over the past 8 years I have been asked to look at, try and examine online safety software many times, and certainly Azoomee is the first online product I would happily support and recommend.

Whilst there really isn’t one piece of software that will keep children, and young adults 100 % safe of the time, what is certainly correct is that Azoomee goes a long way to towards achieving a safe environment for young users to begin to learn about appropriate online behaviour.

Online Safety is predominantly about behaviour, if someone behaves inappropriately then they run the risk of elevating online risk to online danger and then possible online exploitation, therefore learning appropriate, correct and acceptable behaviour is key, and this is exactly what Azoomee achieves.

Social Media, Gaming & Direct Messaging Closed Groups are where most children and young people message and interact with others, whether it is Snapchat (13+), Tik Tok (13+), Roblox (17+), Fortnite (12+), Fifa19 (3+) or Clash Royale (13+), and it is within these closed groups that inappropriate images, language or online grooming can occur, as it is very easy for online strangers (offenders) to access and engage with innocent users. Whilst these games and social media Sites & Apps may have age restrictions these are ignored and children install these games due to want, desire and peer pressure. This means these young users will be learning and beginning their online life in an environment where it is possible for online strangers to access and engage with them and others to bully and hurt them. Games, videos and safe instant messaging on the Azoomee app.

What is required is an online area where children can play online games, message and interact their ‘contacts and opponents’, in a completely safe and monitored environment. I believe Azoomee has created an online area, that is safe, enjoyable, educational for children, and can also be an area for vulnerable young adults and vulnerable adults with special educational needs.

So, what does Azoomee do to create this safe environment:

1. Parents create the online community / area / group with known friends or family members which means that the young users are unable to invite anyone else in, taking away the possibility of access by unknown users/gamers.

2. All the other users/gamers will be friends and family and not strangers as all connections are approved by parents/guardians/carers

3. The interaction and messaging can be monitored and moderated by parents to prevent unnecessary or inappropriate language and the users cannot leave without parental permission

4. Whilst the software and interaction requires the internet, the information is not stored on a server that is shared with the world wide web.

5. Every game, video and activity on Azoomee is personally selected by Azoomee’s team of experts (former school teachers). This means you can trust that it’s all ageappropriate and that it helps children to learn 21st Century skills like creativity, problem solving and digital literacy, while they’re having fun in an environment design just for them.

A bit more about Azoomee

Safety is at the heart of everything at Azoomee – it is partnered with the NSPCC & endorsed by me. Azoomee has created safe place for your children:

All content is personally curated by Azoomee and their team of former teachers and children’s media experts to be fun and educational

• Using the Restricted Profiles on some Android devices or Guided Access on iOS means children (users) can’t leave Azoomee without their parent’s permission

Kids (users) are NEVER shown any ads

• Parents approve all connections in Azoomee Chat and all parental settings are protected by a PIN

• Safety in games & interaction is paramount but Azoomee also teaches children (users) how to make smart, safe and kind choices online.

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