I have been speaking to parents for nearly 10 years & then & now Best Practice Rule No:1 has always been & is ‘To Get Involved’ & know what your child is doing on Social Media & Gaming. A lot of young users join or use social media and gaming sites, consoles or Apps without regard to ages. Those that have heard me speak know that I speak a lot about ‘Closed Groups’. If you use Whats App you may well have created a group for just friends, family or siblings, this means that nobody else (unless invited in) can see or participate in the online interaction. Examples are
Whats App, We Chat, Fortnite, Discord, Fifa19, TikTok (Musically), Clash Royale etc. 
So our children can use social media & games andd then message and interact with strangers as well as friends. So suddenly parents  find themselves in the situation where their young child have a device, possibly due to peer pressure, and is ignoring age restrictions, interacting with other users on games and social media, who maybe strangers, on these sites and games designed for young children.
So Children are going to use groups so what can Azoomee offer ?
I was delighted to be asked to endorse and work with Azoomee.
First things, Azoomee charges parents for the software, however, once activated Azoomee allows the parents to grant access to games / groups for their children, games & groups which can only used by invited friends, family. Therefore the children (users) can only play & chat on those games with people that their parents have allowed to be part of the game and interaction. Nobody can join the group or be invited in by the users, only the parents. It is ideal for children wanting to learn about Gaming and Online Interaction within a safe and controlled environment that stops the possibility of children chatting to strangers in the online community.
Azoomee also has plenty of online activities, resources, films etc for children to learn for themselves about Online Safety, but more importantly for Parents , Carers and Adults to learn with their children.