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2016 -2017

Katie Lawson (UBS)

My post event survey has now finished and the results are really helpful. I asked everyone to rate the speakers!! Out of the 54 people who completed the survey 48 said you were excellent and the rest said good.. no average or poor,  I will be sharing your best practice and advice with those that attended and if you don’t mind would like to include some in our newsletter too?


Carol Scawthorn (Its Not Ok – NSPCC)

Just to say thank you for your presentation yesterday which has received amazing feedback. Invariably delegates have said they found your subject matter both interesting  and well delivered with a repeated criticism that you didn’t get enough time as they wanted to hear far more from you ( something we knew before you started I guess !). My daughter stated that she and her friends were fascinated and found some of the information scary (definite result !).

Jade Hill (Harris Federation Conference Organiser)

Hi Jonathan,

I have had great feedback so far, with one guest specifically emailing me to say how impressed they were by your session, saying: “Thank you very much for organising Fri-Sat’s SLT conference. I found the workshops really valuable, especially Jon’s Online Safety ones”…….

People are already asking for copies of your presentation to be circulated.

2014 – 2015

Gary Benfield (Head ABC International School Ho Chi Minh)
Dear Jonathan, By the time you receive this I hope you will be safely installed at home and well on the way to recovering from the journey. Thank you again for all that you have shared with us

Chris Rose (Head Aldro School, UK)
Morning Jonathan,
Thanks so much again for everything you did for us on Tuesday – a very long day for you, but very rewarding and invaluable for us.
Benjamin Thurston (Dep Head Beau Soleil School Switzerland)
Dear Jonathan,
Thank you very much indeed for your various presentations on Monday, which were enormously appreciated by the teachers and staff
Clare Mason (British International School Paris)
Thanks Jonathan.Thank you again for your work over the two days. I have heard nothing but positive comments from both pupils and staff. The talks were absolutely fascinating and so useful and informative.

Brian Christian (Head British International School Tokyo)

Dear Jonathan
This is just a brief note to say a very sincere thank you for all your hard work while you were in Tokyo. You certainly covered a lot of ground, and I know that every audience – staff, trustees and parents – was very appreciative of your insight, expertise and advice. For me the most important outcome is that so many conversations have been triggered and there is real awareness of the key concerns.

Thank you too for so generously sharing all those resources. I’m still trawling my way through them, and I know there is a lot that will be tremendously helpful.

Jane Chapman (Bradford Grammar School UK)
I have had really excellent feedback from the pupils you spoke to – they learned a lot. And most went away to review their social media profiles!

Stephen Wiles (Forest School, Walthemstow UK)
Dear Jonathan,
Many thanks again for your time and very helpful, informative and stimulating e-Safety session at Forest School last week. Your presentations have certainly given Jo (Prep School ESO) and I plenty to think about. We’ve already had a meeting with our CPOs and are looking at developing our own e-Safety policy which is based on the helpful model policy that you supplied.
I understand that Marcus (Head of Boys’ School) has already booked you for a whole-school event in February – I know that my colleagues will find this event just as helpful and useful as I did last week.

Carol Davidson (Kent College UK)
Dear Jonathan
Thank you for the invoice which I will pass to the Bursary to pay. Many thanks for the excellent talks you gave on Tuesday. I have spent the last two days discussing them with girls in lesson times and all had lots to say about the information you had given. In the debrief sessions after the talk I know some girls did Google themselves and a couple were surprised at what they found.
Staff without fail have said to me what an excellent presentation and many like me – who only use technology minimally – were amazed by what is going on out there.

Gavin Fraser Williams (St Christophers, Letchworth)
Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for stimulating so much discussion and debate at St Chris’ today – amongst children, teachers and parents! External speakers are always somewhat unpredictable, but I can honestly say that you received a universally positive response from children, staff and parents. Thank you!

Claire Knowles (Head of Sixth Form Perse School, Cambridge)
Dear Jon
Many thanks for the fascinating talk yesterday. It was very thought provoking and I have passed your details onto other members staff so you might be back in the not too distant future!

Caroline Wren (Lingfield Notre Dame School
Dear Jonathan
The feedback from your presentation was very positive and the junior school found it particularly eye opening as they have never had any such input before! Thanks very much also for the AUP’s.

Dawn Akyurek (Head Kings School La Moralega, Madrid)

Thanks again for a brilliant day! We appreciated very much fitting us in at short notice!


Dear Jon

Thank you very much for coming to CLFS on Wednesday – the staff were very impressed by your presentation – and, in fact, wished you’d had a bit longer! They were suitable scared too and a number rushed off to google themselves!! We have been in contact with Little Gossip and have asked that they remove us…. I would be very grateful if you could forward the AUP and other documentation ASAP as we are now in the process of updating all our documentation for next September so it would be a good time to think again about some of it.

Yours sincerely

Vicky Buckman, Deputy Head, City of London Freemen’s School, Ashtead, SURREY,KT211ET

 6 February 2012

Dear Jonathan

Thank you very much for the most worthwhile presentation last Thursday evening. Every single parent who spoke with either myself or Marcus were most complimentary, eager to say how useful the evening had been to them as parents, and many hoped that we would be bringing you back into to school to talk with their children. Following on from that we are currently considering where we go next – governors, staff, pupils, and will be back in touch.

With best wishes,

Liz Garner, Head of Forest Preparatory School,


Local Authorities & Internet Safety Day

 Dear Jon,

On behalf of everyone at the UK Safer Internet Centre we wanted to thank you for your time and contribution to our radio programme for Safer Internet Day, 2011 .It was an incredibly exciting event to be a part of and certainly a 12-hour marathon internet broadcast which contained an unprecedented collection of people from around the world with an astonishing wealth of experience and knowledge about internet safety.

We will be archiving the programme over the next couple of weeks and will be making interviews available as podcasts onwww.saferinternet.org.uk. More  about all of the events we held for UK’s Safer Internet Day will also be available on the website.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Best wishes,

All of us at the UK Safer Internet Centre

Louiza Jeffcoat, Project Manager


Dear Jonathan,

…..I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Hillingdon safeguarding children’s board for you presentations at the E safety event. The feedback from participants was very good and they particularly found your talk informative and helpful. Hopefully this is an event that we can hold on an annual basis.

Once again thank you very much for your support.


Andrea Nixon, Child Protection Officer, Safeguarding & Quality Assurance, London Borough of Hillingdon


Dear Jon,

Re: Havering, Redbridge and Waltham Forest Cross Borough Briefing

On behalf of the London Boroughs of Havering, Redbridge and Waltham Forest, I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation that you gave at our cross borough briefing held to raise awareness of the issues of sexual exploitation and child trafficking.

Your presentation was both informative and thought provoking and left delegates with a better understanding of why it is so important to ensure that children are safeguarded when using the internet. This is a hidden harm and one that is little understood despite a high level of activity from government to raise awareness of the agenda.

Delegates feedback was consistently positive and all stated that they had learned a great deal from your presentation.

Thank you for the time and commitment that you gave to us, it was very gratefully received.

Yours sincerely

Alice Peatling, LSCB Business Manager, Childrens Services, London Borough of Havering



Many thanks

Warm wishes

Kay Frankcom
Senior Learning & Development Co-ordinator
London Borough of Redbridge



Sporting Organisations

 April 2012

Hi Jon,

I would just like to thank you for your presentation to the National Excel athletes during our Easter camp. It certainly raised awareness of issues connected with facebook and twitter and will hopefully make them safer online and more aware of the possible consequences of what they post.  I know that I learnt a lot and the feedback I have received from both the athletes and other staff has been so positive.

Thanks again,

Jan Crabtree,       England Netball, National Excel Head Coach,     Email:janc@englandnetball.co.uk


Hi Jon,

thanks for a very interesting workshop yesterday, I felt it was all very well received and lots to think about as always.  

Kind Regards

Emma Gibson,               Child Safeguarding & Equality Manager, England Netball




San Diego 2012 www.sandiegoconference.com
Feedback Comments
….great presentation………(child welfare delegate)
….the best presenter and content presented here in years……(Law Enforcement delegate)
….Jon is a knowledgeable guy & an interesting presenter. Humour & dynamic speaker, backed w/facts & experience………..(Law Enforcement delgate)
….learned lots of new & useful information…….(Advocate delegate)
….wonderful insight into world of online predators……(Research/Education delegate)
Mr. Taylor,
It was a pleasure to listen to you speak and I hope that in the event I need some guidance in “undercover chat/operations” I am able to tap into your knowledge and experience! Thank you for the email and I certainly will add your email address to my database. If ever I may assist you, please let me know!
Anthony E Negrelli, Special Agent, DHS/ICE
Dear Jonathan,
Thank you so much again for helping us with our most successful conference (CACC 2010) yet……
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hope all is well.
Ellen Magnis, Chief Operating Officer, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center
Dear Jonathan Taylor MSc
November 2010
Straight from the heart! We like to thank you for attending our Next Level conference. It was a three day rollercoaster ride with heart warming input from all of you. We hope that it was a learning experience and that you were able to broaden your network. We also hope that you’ve enjoyed yourselves of course.  Thank you again for your input and support,
Gerrit Baarda Peter Reijnders,     International Working Conference, The Next Level, Combatting Online Child Abuse.
Hi Jon,
Just a quick email to say a big thanks for your contribution to the conference yesterday, it was a pleasure to meet you the overwhelming feedback from delegates has been positive. All the presentations will be available on the website by Monday www.safeguarding-education.com
Thank you again for your support. Have a great weekend.
Kind regards,
Sophie Head of Programmes, TEACHOLOGY, www.safeguarding-education.com

 Law Enforcement

JonCongrats on a great career Jon. Know that everyone I work with at the FBI thinks highly of you. You have a great reputation SA Raj Patel (Los Angeles FBI)  Dear Jon,Our trial will end on Wednesday …………………………….. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to fly half way around the world to testify for us…….
Have a very happy holiday. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Susan Schwartz, Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles,Justice System Integrity Division  


Dear Jonathan,Thank you very much for coming in today and taking part in our discussion. It was a pleasure to have you.Kind Regards,Ana Lyon, Voice of Russia, London, 11-12 St James’s Sq, London SW1Y 4LB, UK