Online Safety Awareness for Sports Coaches

Social Media in Sport

‘Twitter is a great medium for sportsmen but make comments in haste and repent at leisure’

A Bespoke workshop for professionals working with children in Sport , including coaches, volunteers, managers, and medical staff, aimed at enabling them to discover how the internet is used by young people and online sex offenders and how to best identify young victims’ vulnerabilities for preventative measures. The course will consist of two separate sessions culminating by illustrating how coaches /volunteers can become online victims and highlighting how such professionals can protect their online reputation.

Who Are The Victims – Young People – This will include ways in which children are harmed and abused via the internet and mobile phone technology and implications of different types of abuse for the child victim outlining less well known issues of online child-to-child abuse and bullying and influence of the internet on the socialisation process and children’s behaviour; comparing children’s vulnerability online and offline.

Who Are the Victims – Coaches / Volunteers – Discuss and show how Coaches / Volunteers can become victims of online abuse, how this can happen and what to be aware of. Concluding with methods to protect coaches and volunteers online reputation

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