Online Safety Awareness Training For Schools Outline

Online Safety Training for Schools

New Online Safety for Schools

New training on child exploitation, online safety and keeping children protected online.

Online Safety training can be tailored to your requirements; I’m not a great believer in set training as every school is different. Training is designed for Teachers, Governors / Trustees, Parents / Carers and Pupils from years 1-13.

E-Safety Training for all aspects of education, I have designed training for;

Online Safety Assemblies for pupils (Years 1-13)
Online Safety Training for Staff
Online Safety Awareness Training for Parents & Carers
Inspection of and. / or creation of Robust E-Safety Polices & AUPs for Schools.
Online Safety Awareness for Governors / Trustees

Since the new Ofsted E-Safety Framework was introduced in the UK last year (recent update Sept 15), many schools are requesting training to further their Child Safeguarding portfolio and/or pending any possible inspection by Ofsted or the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Online Safety Awareness Training for Pupils: Child Exploitation to Online Reputation.
60 – 90 minute sessions for Years 1-13.These sessions / assemblies are bespoke and appropriate, forever evolving as technology changes. Sessions are designed per year groups as follows;
Years 1-4           Online Respect ‘Zip It’ ‘Block It’ ‘Flag It’ (Lee & Kim )(Smart Crew), highlighting the issues of sharing information using PC’s, Mobiles, Tablets Gaming Devices. These are bespoke assemblies / presentations for Years 1 & 2 – Years 3 & 4 explaining risks of sharing too much information, how to block nasty messages and who to speak to.
Years 5-6           Social Media & The Dangers , Cyberbullying – Reputation. A bespoke assembly / presentation for Years 5 & 6, highlighting the issues of Risk – Danger – Harm, through online interaction on PC’s, IOS & Android Devices and how to create a positive Online Digital Tattoo
Years 7-8           Safely Navigating Uncharted Waters- Social networking / Sexting / Trolling / Digital Tattoo – Staying Safe Online. Assembly highlighting how Risk can elevate to Danger and possible subsequent harm, through Inappropriate Contact – Conduct – Content, and understanding Cyber Vetting and its importance.
Years 9-10         Risks and consequences of sharing personal and inappropriate information on the Internet and Social Media- Sexting to Reputation. Assembly highlighting how Risk can elevate to Danger and possible subsequent harm, through Inappropriate Contact – Conduct – Content, and understanding Cyber Vetting and its importance.
Years 11-12-13    Online Reputation- How a Positive Digital Tattoo is created & protected & how it can affect their future education and employment – through Cyber Vetting. Possibilities of online Radicalisation through Social Media

All teaching and support staff
A good awareness to all staff of the child protection risks related to e-safety. This is a 90-minute session for teaching and support staff designed to satisfy the Ofsted / ISI inspection framework. The session highlights not only the Child Safeguarding issues but the personal issues faced by Staff through incorrect or inappropriate use of the internet effecting their online reputation and professional liability.
Social Networking for Staff
An insight into the online behaviour of students from Year1 to Year 13, highlighting the challenges of Risky Online Behaviour which may lead to Cyberbullying – Sexting – Damage to Online Digital Reputation. Defining the new phenomenon of the Digital Natives. Personal or professional; keeping yourself and the school risk free.
Parental Engagement
As with staff, a good awareness of the child protection risks related to e-safety, but this time more tailored to a home environment. This is a 90-minute session for parents and guardians into e-safety issues and risks to children whilst using digital technology. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask for advice and guidance about any related issues.
The Safe ICT School
The aim of my training is to ascertain and audit your current e-safety policies and strategy, including the way in which ICT is used in your school, and to identify any risks and plug any gaps; these gaps will form an “Action Plan” so that you have a clear strategy.
Governors and Senior Leadership Team
A full awareness of the risks to children (and staff), and the risks and liabilities to the school. How are all these risks and liabilities translated into school policy. A full understanding of what the whole school should know. This is a 90-minute session for school senior leaders and governing bodies.

Consultancy, Training, Awareness Days
A consultancy day (or part of the day) can be for any purpose on-site or off-site.
Full Day
Half Day
Twilight Session (Maximum 2 Hours)
Online Safety Policies
The inspection, creation and updating of your schools e-safety policies, including Acceptable Use Policies with the introduction of the OSO (Online Safety Officer).



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