Stay Safe in the Online World

Online Behaviour & Online Safety  & Social Media Expert


  If you can describe risk & explain risk you are in a better position to protect and control it’


   Online Safety & Social Media Consultant for :

EDUCARE – Distance Learning for Safeguarding Adults & Children


COBIS (Council for Overseas British Independent Schools)

     BSME (British Schools in the Middle East)

 ERA (European Research Academy of Law)

TAIEX (EU Technical Assistance and Information Exchange)

CAN Training, UK ( )

 Sanctuary Training, UK

         England Netball / Badminton England

Online Safety & Social Media Expert for;

 Sky News / BBC News / ITV’s This Morning & Daybreak & Meridian

The key to staying safe  in this technology-driven world is education for children and adults. There  is an art to education, and one component is realizing that not all  audiences are wired the same. Jonathans unique experience as a Law Enforcement Practitioner mixed with his subsequent Academic career, has allowed for the creation of  exclusive, exceptional and bespoke training programs, delivered to students and adults, that address all audiences, from primary school children to secondary  students, parents and educators. Jon encourages participation  throughout, which results in each presentation being completely unique and often times driven by his audiences.

Bespoke Training  
Bucks New University

A Child is not a Young Adult’

Jonathans career as a Covert Internet Investigator, allowed him to have unpresedented access to the Internet which enabled him to determine how children use the Internet and where danger ‘lurks’. Jonathan has now created training courses for a variety of professional groups to help them improve their knowledge and awareness on Internet behaviour.

Professional Groups including:

  • Teachers as part of their training programme
  • Solicitors / Baristers / as part of their training programme
  • Law Enforcement High Tech Crime Officers / Child Protection Officers
  • Law Enforcement Officers Involved in Online Investigation.
  • Newly appointed ICT officers wanting induction into online safeguarding issues
  • Volunteers for Help Lines who needed advice on how to help young callers to their hotline who have experienced Social Media Exploitation
  • Running whole school workforces inset days.
  • Running sessions for parents both in school settings and within the community
  • Foster parents/carers groups
  • Social Workers / Child Safeguarding Professionals
  • Sporting Organisations