Online Safety Training for Schools

Online Safety is about Behaviour, it is informed use of Devices, Sites, Apps & Gaming  & Online Behaviour that makes for a Safe  Online Environment.

Social Media & is nothing to be afraid of.

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Keeping Pace with Social media and Online Safety

Online Child Exploitation:

Online Bullying to Online Grooming to Online Reputation to Digital Well Being



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Online Safety Training for Schools & Academies

Online Safety Training for Schools Social media has become ubiquitous. In 2014, about three quarters of online adults were using some form of social media, according to Pew Research. Among young adults and teens, the numbers are even higher. Without a doubt, the vast majority of your students – at least those in Years 5 – 13 – have social media accounts.
Many teachers are also on social media both for personal and professional use and, for the most part, that’s great. From a professional standpoint it can enhance your network of contacts, engage you in important discussions, extend your own learning and even provide a platform for class projects. As for personal use, well, teachers have lives, families, friends and interests just like everyone else so, naturally, many are drawn to social networking as a way to connect to the people they care about.

What Besafe Online UK Offers;

I have worked extensively in International Schools in Europe, Middle East and Far East Asia and I have a deep knowledge of the technological context in which international schools work and therefore have a unique insight into international schools specific context and always tailor my approach accordingly (no other Online safety supplier provides such expertise in this bespoke setting). I always focus on the practical application of Online safety & Social Media Training that is up to date, current & relevant; and explore the wide range of Online Behaviour and most current ‘Online Safety message’, not simply standard, ad-hoc ‘Online Safety’ Advise.

I will provide the following: 

Bespoke workshop/presentations to students where the emphasis will be on how the students use devices, how they connect, whether they use games & gaming sites & apps, and with the younger ones, how to be kind online and making the right choice. With older students, there is a stronger influence in social media behaviour to act appropriately, and create a positive social media presence. 

In line with Ofsted expectations I will ensure that the schools monitoring and moderation of safeguarding within the teaching and learning of ICT across the school meets or exceeds those expectations. I provide an expert external view on standards and areas for development. 

Help further raise the profile of Online Safety across your school, governors and our wider community – LSCB and provide deeper understanding and insights into what the most recent legislative changes mean for children and their families. 

Provide INSET to staff on Online Safety and Behaviour

1. More accurate use of the expression Online safety, true definitions, correct understanding and awareness

2. The description of three areas of exploitation – bullying, grooming and radicalisation, and highlight what other forms of online exploitation exist.

3. Importance of understanding the use of Social Media in relation to a child’s and young adults Online Behaviour.

5. Staff sessions will be directed at protecting themselves professionally and understanding how students use technology & social media. All training is in line with current inspection guidelines and expectations. 

Provide training for Governors and learning support assistants 

Inspire parents to support and take greater interest in the online behaviours at home that place our children at greater risk and make them more vulnerable to harm by leading a Family Learning Programme.

Keep in mind that, when used thoughtfully, social media can provide opportunities for professional growth, enhanced home-school communication, and conversations that allow learning to continue beyond allotted class times. If and when you choose to get started – or start over – with social media remember that general professional and personal rules of etiquette hold true online as they do in person.


2018 – Thanks to the teacher & parent who said it was the best Online Safety workshop ‘ever’ as in their words;

“you didn’t tell us What Children Use (like other presenters) you told us How they Use Apps & Games & how technology grabs data & that online safety is about behaviour & choices”